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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Joe My Gawd

Look at that Seshat! She's just a musical prodigy... so carefree...so happy...

...so unaware that the Grim Reaper is standing in her pool, talking on his cell phone.

Oh my, this can't be good. Let's see...three people live in the estate, and Seshat is accounted for...
... and Nicole is having a nervous breakdown. That leaves Joe. OH JOE!

The Big Shrink in the Sky pays Nicole a visit. He assumes that once he gets her to cluck like a chicken, all will be well.

But while Seshat crawls around this big ol' house unattended...

...Nicole talks to a sack of flour. I'm telling you right now, these Sim Therapists suck.

And then, in a blink, Seshat growns into a child!

Nicole has been a good mom, teaching Seshat to walk and talk AND help her build musical skills before she exited toddlerhood. Seshat gives Nicole a high-five for being such a great mentor.

Over breakfast, Nicole gets a good look at her growing daughter and wonders, "It is just me, or does Seshat have Goopy's nose?"

"Joe!" she cries. "Is this why you left us? What didn't you TELL me? How will I ever know, and equally importantly, how am I going to pay this mortgage?"

All is not lost, Nicole, because you see... when you die with a secret, you don't always rest in peace.

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