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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Whoa Here She Comes...She's a Man Eater

Emaleejayne is feeling so confidant after her date with Korey that she decides to hit the town and hit on some more eligible rich men. She finds a guy in a genuine snakeskin jacket and asks him if he likes what he sees. He puts his hand up to her face and says, "Sorry babe, blondes turn me off."

Deciding a little intervention might be a good thing, Em calls up the gypsie and asks for her help. The gypsie says, "Oh honey, I have just the thing, but it will cost you."

After making a deal with the devil, Em decides to try a different shade of hair color in hopes of turning on the rich man in the snakeskin jacket.

She's feeling a little insecure about the recent change, but Diane assures her that being brown is very very vixen.

Em returns to Landoste where she first met the rich stranger, but instead finds herself being hit on by this wannabe. When he tells her that he's a professional party goer, she shoos him away.

Giving up on her mystery man (for tonight), she heads over to FM for some more man hunting. The bartender points her in the diretion of an independantly wealthy, freelance photographer. Em tries to strike up a conversation, but he tells her he's really turned on more by chicks with glasses.
So she pulls out the first in her bag of gypsie tricks.

The Love Potion packed just enough punch to lure the photographer (and one pesky party goer) back to her house. She says, "Now you wait RIGHT here."

She runs upstairs, makes a quick call to the gypsie, then calls Mr. Photographer to the game room. "NOW do you like what you see?" asked the bespectacled Em. "Oh baby, gimme some of that sugar!" is his reply.

Hungry with the power of attraction, Em dreams of her next conquest. Uh, Em... there's ONE thing you REALLY need to get Scotty's attention, and I DON'T think the gypsies are THAT good.

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