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Monday, November 14, 2005

Andy the (new) Man!

Why is Andy crying? Poor Andy... he heard that Scotty called him a dork. He took a look in the mirror, and realized it was true. He DID look like a dork!

Kristina said, "Hey Honey, it's okay! I can help you!" So they call a cab and head downtown.

Kristina steers Andy in the direction of the cool clothes and tells him that it's okay to buy whatever he wants, since Scotty owes them all $5100.00.

They grab a quick bite to eat, and Andy asks Kristina for one more favor. "How about if I do all the cooking for a week, and in exchange for making sure you don't burn the house down, you take me for a haircut?"

Kristina tells Andy to grab a fashion magazine and pick out the type of cut he desires.

And here he is: the new and improved Andy! Look at those eyes! Couldn't you just melt?

The next morning he makes good on his promise and treats the Kristina and Shiitty to a pancake breakfast. "I'm no artist," says Kristina, "but I sure know how to create a heartbreaker!"

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