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Friday, November 11, 2005

Meet the Fleiss Crew

The newest bunch of crazy kids in the Cyberia neighborhood are (from left to right):

Claire of Being Me
The English Student (English) of Learning Through Drama
Natty of Natty's Flight of Dreams
The Village Idiot of Idiots Paradise

The kids just secured a small starter home, and boy were they surprised how "starter" it really was!

Luckily for Claire, English, and VI, Natty has a few tricks up her sleeve. It seems she is the love child of a genie AND a warlock. With narry a blink, she has the house spruced up in seconds flat.
Claire is mighty appreciative!

The kids head to the dining room and bust a move in celebration of their good fortune to be rooming with a magical being!

The end of the day draw near, and the Goddess watches as each Sim claims their sleeping quarters.

VI hit the sack first, choosing to sleep in the closet. English secures the large single room (studious girls need their privacy), while Natty and Claire decide to share the Mirror Room.

They seem to get along pretty well, but hey...it's only day one for the Fleiss kids!

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