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Sunday, November 06, 2005


after their glorious date, Anne Marie woke up feeling out of sorts. her head was a bit fuzzy, like she was hungover but she didn't remember drinking. she suddenly had a rude awakening when she realized she was in bed with Bud Buckley whom, last she remembers, was scum of the earth.
apparently, the love potion Bud drunk wore off and Anne Marie was back to hating him. she was so mad at him for tricking her and taking advantage of the situation!
Anne Marie immediately called a cab and moved out with her son. Bud Buckley was heartbroken and was, once again, without wife.
he tried to fill up this empty space in him with material things. he even bought a car for his half-alien son, Boogie. they also moved to another house 'coz he felt the old one had too many memories of Anne Marie.
in his despair, Bud would usually visit his first wife's grave and talk about his heartache. eventually, Miss Vicki's spirit got tired of his whining that she decided to haunt him and scare the living hell out of him.
however, seeing Miss Vicki gave Bud Buckley an idea. he immediately called the Grim Reaper and asked for his 1st wife's resurrection. of course, he paid top money 'coz he didn't want to end up with a stinky zombie.
so, guess who's back?!! yup, Miss Vicki is up and alive... AGAIN!

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