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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Lisa Stamps got all excited when she received a phone call from Bud Buckley. he asked her to meet him at one of Cyberia's posh restaurants, saying he needed to tell her something. immediately, she spiffied up, imagining marriage proposals and a merger of assets in the near future!
however, throughout the meal, Bud Buckley seemed a little subdued. Lisa thought he might just be nervous about asking her hand in marriage, so she gave him some encouragement.
when the dishes were cleared, that's when Bud decided to drop the bomb on her. he confessed that he's already married with three kids! out of fury, lisa threw her beverage on Bud's face.
she immediately called a cab and went home. there, she cried her eyes out for being such a fool...
days later, lisa was in complete breakdown. she missed work and started drooling and rambling incoherently.
Cyberia's shrink was speedily dispatched to her house. The doctor had to use severe hypnosis just to get Lisa functioning normally again.
feeling a bit saner, Lisa moved out from her old home and transferred to the other side of Cyberia, far from Bud Buckley.
she eschewed any more social interactions and concentrated on her work instead. in a matter of days, she made it to the top and goes to work in a helicopter.heartbreak can be a great motivator.

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