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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Robin's Favorite Martian!

For some unknown reason, Robin and Martin have invited Dawn to move in with them. In the meantime, Robin's penchant for wearing really sexy underwear seems to have gotten her into some "trouble"...

...notice the gross toilet. We know what THAT means in Cyberia...

Robin begins to eat like there's no tomorrow, or better yet: like there's a little Martian in her belly. And it appears that Martin has been promoted to Gas Station Attendant! Here I was worried he wouldn't be able to support his growing family.

That uniform! Perfect with his skintone, dontchya think?

Dawn wastes no time making trouble in paradise.

Martin seems completely oblivious to the woman who is in bed with his wife.

Or is he?

"Nanny nanny boo boo...you can't break up my marriage!", taunts Martin.

Robin's belly grows by the minute, and Dawn is regressing. Wait until the baby comes!

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