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Saturday, October 08, 2005

A Swinger's got to do what a Swinger's got to do! (Diane & Madame Butterfly)

With Al at work, Diane was ready to get this party started. Unfortunately, her party guests didn't seem to understand the concept of the swinger lifestyle.

So Diane decides to focus on one Sim at a time. She starts by turning on the charm...

... a little backrub...
...and then attacks!

"How 'bout a little S & M, big guy?"

Leaving Madame Butterfly with the remote, Diane and her victim head upstairs.

She's full of lovin, that Diane...enough for an additional toss in the sack with Al when the guests leave.

Meanwhile, Madame Butterfly refuses to leave, though the party portion of the evening (for her at least) is long over.

While Al sleeps off his good lovin', Diane tosses and turns. She cares about Al, and the guilt of boogying in that bed with more than one Sim seems to have gotten to her. She hits the WWW and fires off a letter to "While You Were Out."
By morning (yeah, you've seen the show -- they work THAT fast) this odd structure was fully erect in the back end of the the property.

It's Vixen's new guilt-free Love Nest! Now let's put this baby to work!

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