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Friday, September 30, 2005

Wooing Anne Marie Part One

everything looks picture perfect in the Bloggeroo household. Bud Buckley and Anne Marie sees their first young adult off to college.
their alien son, Boogie, also celebrated a birthday and became a teenager.
and their own offspring, Buckley Jr. grew up to be a miracle mite.
but there is trouble in paradise. Anne Marie overheard rumors about her husband's cheating ways and she decided to confront him about this.
Anne Marie broke down and cried, asking Bud if the rumors were true...
Bud, bless his heart, couldn't bear to see his wife cry, confessed everything and told Anne Marie of his infedelities.
and like any good ol' soap opera, Anne Marie slaps Bud so hard, it made him see stars.
but she didn't stop there... take that, Bud Buckley!
and that!
Bud bawled and asked for Anne Marie's forgiveness, she's filing for divorce.
so, what is a guy to do to win his wife's affection back? go to the local gypsy and buy Love Potion #8.5.will this be enough to woo Anne Marie? stay tuned for part two...

*click photos to enlarge

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