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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Marie Witherwings has now finished her first year in college and made it into the Dean's List.
She also moved to a new dormitory 'coz her old one had a rat infestation.
But no one seems to befriend Marie. her reputation as a hustler precedes her and some sims were afraid that she's only after their money.
Marie sunk into a bit of a blue funk... no one wanted to play pool with her anymore 'coz she always wins.
suddenly, a guy in a llama jacket approached her. she's been warned about them saying that these guys were in some cult or something. but she was desperate, so she invited him to join her.
afterwards, Marie felt a bit robotic. she suddenly got the urge to buy new clothes...
... and even change her hairstyle. gone was her punk rock look, in place was the gorl next door. could that guy somehow hypnotized Marie to change herself?
one night, when everyone was asleep in the dormitory, a black limousine pulled up and out came a guy in a llama jacket.
he burst into Marie's room and started clucking like a chicken. Marie was terrified out of her wits.
the chicken guy suddenly handcuffed Marie telling her that she better come with him or else!
he pushed her into a limo and sped off into the night... with Marie just in her nightie.
they drove around for quite a long time, sometimes taking sudden left turns and u-turns, and for what seemed like an eternity to Marie, they finally pulled up into an old mansion.
Marie got out of the limo and was surprised to see a group of people applauding and congratulating her. it all became clear when the guy she met earlier approached her and whispered, "Congratulations. You are now a member of the Secret Society of Cyberia!"
Marie thinks to herself, "hmmm... secret society... means secret offshore bank accounts... i'm rich!"

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