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Saturday, September 24, 2005

More sims breeding like bunnies, etc.

Amy (Harper) Simms is in grandma heaven. Pink-haired daughter Harmony's first child became a toddler, and under those purple pajamas, she's sporting another belly chock full o'baby. Harmony and husband Rupert would really like to move out, but Amy's definitely hoping they'll stay for a while.

At the Sunnydales', the alien twins are now school-age, their oldest is an adult, and daughter Tara is a full-fledged teen going through her obligatory blonde phase.

Charm is now an important scientist, like her husband Quentin. Their twins, Faith and Glory, are both adults, and their youngest daughter is now a teenager. They all look about the same age -- for now. Unfortunately for Charm and hubby, they're about to turn into elders any second now.

Karma and Robin's oldest daughter Rona is now a teenager, and Molly is in school. Their new baby arrived, but so far nobody seems to notice that it doesn't look like any of the other kids -- or like Robin. Karma is desperately hoping that nobody discovers her secret -- the new baby's father is Angel (Miscler's son), not Robin. Shocking!

And on a personal note, this goddess would like to apologize for the diminishing frequency of her Cyberian updates. I've just returned to graduate school, and alas, the real world takes precedence over the sim world. I will continue to update as I am able, and since University comes out for the Mac in November, I expect to waste a lot of my winter holiday sending all the Cyberians' kids to college.

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