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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Michele's Idea of a Party!

Michele, Mister and Sigmund have settled into their smaller home quite nicely. Mister is now a fancy schmancy campaign manager who has been spending a lot of time at work. Sigmund is doing pretty well in school and has a job, too. Michele is still enjoying her job in the military, but cooking is her new passion.

They decide to throw a party for PG, Kevin and Apple, hoping that the two kids hit it off. Mister brings a friend home from work, and Sigmund immediately comments on her nice bust. PG just wishes Michele would stop playing that blasted piano.

Since Mister is equally taken with Melissa, Michele decides to put him in his place.

Sigmund takes a shine to Apple. They seems to share the same skin affliction.

Michele is a little uncomfortable with the PDA, but still...she's glad that Sigmund has found love.

She serves lobster.

And hits on Dawn (who never misses a good party), prompting Mister to slap her.

This turns into a huge fight, much to the amusement of the party guests.

In fact, this has qualified as a "great party"!

When the guests leave, Michele leaps into Mister's arms and they both agree to try to be faithful to one another. We'll see...

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