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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Heidi and Charlie's Wild Ones

Heidi and Charlie decide to move out of the enormous mansion and into something more manageable. You may remember Lucy and Ethel, their twin toddlers from hell? Well they are teenagers now. Heidi agrees to give Charlie the son he never had by adopting Kennedy, a 9 year old boy. The new house appears to be haunted, and Kennedy's remote control car comes down with the flu.

Ethel gives herself a makeover...something that shows off her edgy side.

Lucy updates her look too, but takes a more intellectual approach.

Charlie, being a bit long in the tooth, is having a hard time keeping up with the kids. Heidi tries to work as many hours as possible.

Ethel sneaks out constantly, usually to the mall. She runs into Aunt PG, but lies and says that her parents know she's out shopping in her swimsuit. When Carla tries to interrupt and tell PG the truth, Ethel puts her in a headlock and gives her noogies.

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