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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Don't Mess with a Military Gal (Kitty & Al) Part II

Kitty comes home to find Keanu in the arms of Swinger Al. It does NOT go well for Keanu. Poor Al and Diane...they are going to have to figure out a way to introduce Cyberia to their lifestyle before they break up every relationship in Cyberia.

"Dude," Keanu says, "I totally TOLD you Kitty was NOT a swinger. Why did you ask her to join us?"

Poor Kitty has to think this one through.

After Al leaves, Keanu steps up to Kitty and blasts her for interfering in his party-going lifestyle. "Listen woman, I'm a party boy. That's how I make my money. Don't you be tellin' me nuthin 'bout who I can and who I can't WooHoo. Now get me sumptin' to eat, bitch."

I think Keanu forgot who he was messing with. It's been a while, but let me refresh your memory. Kitty is now working for the government on a top-secret project. She's smart, she's powerful, and she's not taking this shit from any man.

That's right, girl! Knock his head OFF!

Don't you worry about Kitty. She'll be just fine!

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