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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tee and Sandy sitting in a tree...

with Tee Witherwings moving in with Sandy Oahu-Ukelele'Nono, they have enough money to move to a better residence.they found this nice little house just outside of campus. the owner was supposedly out of town and wanted housesitters. tee and sandy willingly accepted eventhough they never met him.

the girls also decided to make themselves over. people in the university were giving them odd looks with their grass skirts and coconut shells... sandy got a shorter hair and even had her teeth whitened.

tee, however, wasn't so happy with her new 'do. she wanted longer hair and the hairstylist screwed up her extensions. at least, she and sandy got some new spankin' wardrobes.
sandy, being the "best friend" of tee, tried to think up of ways to distract tee from her hairdo fiasco.

what better way to cheer up a "loved one" than by asking her out for a hip-happenin' time outside the campus?

so, off they drove to the downtown area in their little car... tee had to hold her door all throughout the drive 'coz it wouldn't lock, but the car was so cheap, they thought it was a worthy sacrifice.

first, they had dinner... tee had the chicken while sandy opted for the filet mignon, although she preferred tee's meal.

next, they burned off the calories by hitting the dance club. they wondered why no one would dance with them when they had such fancy moves...

then, they moved on to the karaoke club. karaoke seems to be the rage in cyberia nowadays!

tee was totally cheered up by nighttime... they saw a photo booth and decided to memorialize their "date". however, there must've been a malfunction inside the booth 'coz while they were inside, the booth kept on rockin' back and forth and the girls were squealing and giggling!

by 2 a.m., they decided to head on home... sandy stole a kiss from tee when they hit a red light... hmmm...

is there more than friendship between tee and sandy? what did really happen inside that photo booth?!

but with all that's happening, the girls never noticed the casket opening in their backyard...

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