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Sunday, October 09, 2005

It's Hard Being Super Dad (Cat, Homer, & Funky Cowboy)

Super Dad Homer is still going strong. He takes some time before work to teach Funky Cowboy to walk.

Apparantly, he's also taught his son how to walk through walls. This skill should come in handy, eh?

With all Homer has to do, it's no wonder he hasn't learned to cook yet. This omelet goes terribly, terribly wrong. Poor Homer is so shocked, he can only stand there and scream.

The fireman arrives, but with Homer standing in one kitchen entrance and Cat blocking the other, the fireman can't get to the stove.

Cat may have let Homer take over the majority of the child-rearing tasks, but she hasn't lost her maternal instincts. She rushes through the kitchen...

...grabs the fire extinguisher, and puts out the flames to save the day.

Girl Power!
"The fire department of Cyberia salutes you, Ma'am."

While Homer runs upstairs to shower, Maya decides she'll have to eat the omelet, or go to school hungry. You know how disgusting school lunches are!

As she runs upstairs to vomit, she silently curses her dad for burning the omelet, and impregnating her mother, thereby ruining her chances of getting into a private school where the lunches are edible.

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