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Monday, October 10, 2005

Finding Emaleejayne

Emaleejayne has the big ol' mansion on the hill all to herself. Short of starting fires, she's just not sure how to get some social time.

On top of that, the poor kid is getting bored.

It suddenly occurs to her that Cyberia is a big town. She leaps off the couch and fires up her sports car.
Yeah -- Goddess got Nightlife, and Em got a car!

She heads to an hip clothing store to kill some time.

She runs into a cute blonde and tries some small talk. "Do you like what you see, baby?" He responds by telling her she's too fat.

Obviously this pig doesn't realize who he's messing with. She jabs him in the chest and sends him fleeing from the shop.

She runs home and checks herself out in the mirror. Even though her fitness level is as high as it can get, she still feels a bit insecure, and hits the workout room. She also burns her "fat jeans".

After a good work out, a quick shower, and a funky hairdo, Em dons some of her hot-chick attire and heads back out on the town. This gal LOVES the karaoke machine, and unlike many of the other Sims there, she really can SING!

Rock the town, Em. Rock the town.

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