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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Liesl Makes a Bad Choice!

All Liesl really wants is to meet a nice Cyberian guy, get married and have babies. Unfortunately, the first two she met are already married, and Mister in particular sees her as a nice, fresh piece of meat. With great lingerie.

They even go on little shopping trips together. Mister was hoping for some woohoo in the dressing room, but Liesl was not having that.

She gives him a nice goodbye kiss, but that's about it.

Dawn comes over for a visit, and tells Liesl she should lighten up and have some fun. Liesl leaves for her lab assistant job thinking about what Dawn said.

Instead of going home after work, she heads over to Mister's house. They start to make out when Michele gets home from her Counter Intelligence job. Being a spy, she figures out that there might just be something going on between Liesl and her man.

Still, Liesl and Mister retreat to the hot tub. But before they can get busy, Michele calls them into the house.

It's Mister's birthday...

...and he's now a little too old for Liesl and her family plans!

Michele has her birthday too...

...and suddenly she's looking better to Mister.

Not to mention her classification as "Femme Fatale".

Liesl runs home in tears, while Michele and Mister go out to the pool. He's still thinking about Liesl, but realizes that he needs to spend his twilight minutes with the real love of his life.

Michele isn't taking this elderly stuff lying down. In fact, she builds an obstacle course and races through it like a hamster on a wheel. If Liesl makes the mistake of coming around again, she's likely to get her butt kicked by a very buff old lady.

Mister decides to channel his sexual energy into a Dale Carnegie public speaking course. Michele and Sigmund are relieved. We'll see if he can really keep it in his pants. As for Liesl, we'll just hope she meets a single and available Cyberian soon! Remington the cleaning guy is starting to look good...

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