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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty

Brando sure has been spending a lot of time at Kitty's since that jerk Keanu moved out. Today he popped by discuss the real estate market. As boring as it sounds, Kitty really enjoys Brando's company.

Since he's on a roll, he decides to discuss politics and world peace. Again, everything he says falls on Kitty's ears like warm butter on toast.

She mentions to him that she's thinking of taking on a new look, and he whispers that he always found her roommate Mini quite attractive...well, before she was eaten by flies and buried in the backyard.

Before the night is over, Kitty dons a new look...or, an old look with a new twist.

She brings Diane home from work the next day, and the two of them hit it off as well. Diane values truthfulness, and comes clean to Kitty about her relationship with Al, the man who broke Kitty and Keanu apart.

"Girl, than Keanu was a no-good, fair-weather friend! You can do SO much better!" Diane tells her. Kitty couldn't agree more.

Before she hits the sack, she plucks some money off Keanu's money tree and smiles with delight. I TOLD YA Kitty was gonna be alright!

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