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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Mommy/Daddy Time -- Kris & Lu

"Baby, I'm going stir crazy! Let's get out and reconnect!" Kris takes Goopy's paw and coos.

Goops figures, "What the heck!" and Kris rushes right to the phone to call in the sitter.

They hit one of the many spots in the downtown area and it looks like their date is a hit. But who is lurking in the corner, eyeing Goopy's neck?

Uh oh! It seems one of the town vampires has her sites set on Lu's Daddy! This big, dumb lug has no clue...she has breasts, even if there isn't a heart beating beneath them!

Kris wanders to the corner to check out this strange contraption. Actually, since she put a picket fence up around her house, there's no room for a driveway -- hence no car. So Kris decides to take THIS for a spin instead.

Maybe Kris needs to makeup with Nicole and move into the sprawling estate, so she can buy a car and forget all this nonsense!

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