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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Baby In, Dawn OUT!

After a vigorous swim in the pool, Robin doubles over in what can only be labor pains.

Moments later, little baby girl Pistachio is born!

Dawn realizes that she needs to leave this situation and find a new place of her own. There's only room for ONE immature girl in this house!

Robin gets back into shape quickly, but decides that a new look will help her through her postpartum depression.

Martin loves it and tells her she's really hot. He asks if she's ever heard the "why is a woman like a frying pan?" joke.

They retreat to the love tub, where he tells her she looks good enough to eat...

...and that they should try to make another baby.

Robin, if you keep dressing like that...

...uh oh... too late!

Pistachio learns to walk and talk really quickly, but unfortunately the nanny isn't quite as bright. She doesn't see Pistachio make a beeline for the curb when her parents go out on the town.

These two just can't get enough of each other! The cashier is oblivious.

Robin is back in maternity clothes, Pistachio is pooping on the toilet, and it appears that Martin has been pigging out on mac and cheese...

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