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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Jane finally reached the top of the corporate ladder and is rich beyond her wildest dreams.
she moves her family to the more affluent part of Cyberia, hoping to still make it with LJ even with the rumors flying around that LJ's boinking the delivery boy.
Jane also felt guilty for her own affair with Landismom and she's trying to rectify this by donating a hefty sum to a private school so that LJ's adopted son could go there.
but with all this acts of kindness, LJ still invites the delivery boy over when Jane's away at work.
of course, the rumors about the boinking were true.
one night, as they were watching TV, LJ suddenly leaps from the sofa and heads to the toilet to puke her guts out. Jane assumed it was just bad food.
LJ's worst fear revealed itself the next day when, out of nowhere, her tummy bulged out and her clothes suddenly changed into maternity clothes all the pregnant Cyberians been wearing.
Jane got the surprise of her life when she arrived home to a pregnant LJ. in a fit of despair, LJ confessed everything. furious, Jane hatched up a plan for revenge.
she ordered a very exotic plant, a crossbreed between a cow and a venus flytrap, that eats whoever gets too close to its "cake-tongue". then, she invited the delivery boy over in an act of friendship, saying she wanted to show him something.
of course, no one can resist the plant's tongue and as delivery boy tried to get the cake, the cowplant gobbled him up!revenge is indeed sweet... and you can see it in Jane's eyes.

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