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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Diane gets a make-over, and the Goddess gets a lecture.

Diane the Vixen decides it's time for a makeover.

She stands there for fifteen minutes, waiting for Al to notice.

Not getting the reaction she deserves, Diane gives herself a sponge bath and takes care of her needs. (Goddess remarks that if any of you have prompted your Sims to spongebath, the audio speaks for itself.)

This domesticity is getting to Diane. All dressed up, and no place to go.

Finally, she drags Al out of the house. Isn't it funny that the swingers drive a pick-up?

They hit the town, and a fellow Cyberian tells Diane the make-over is wonderful because she looks like a million bucks!

Al makes a new friend too...

...but even as swingers, they still are passionately fond of each other.

However, one Cyberian does NOT appreciate their public displays of affection and really lets Diane have it!

"You are NOT to make a baby in public!" She scolds.

"If this woman doesn't shut up, I'm going to shoot myself."

With Diane in tears, this cranky Sim turns to the Goddess and says, "You watch how you prompt, young lady! I'm watching you!!!"

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