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Sunday, October 16, 2005


eversince Landismom evicted Lu from her house, life hasn't been great for Lu Reds. she can't afford household help so it's up to her to unclog her own toilet.
she's also gaining weight for eating cereals all day long. it's all she could afford since she doesn't have a lot of money.
she got a job as a getaway driver for bank robbers and they even let her borrow the getaway car so she doesn't have to carpool.
but she screwed that up when a cop recognized the vehicle. afraid of being sent to jail, Lu ratted on her employers... hence, they fired her, calling her the worst getaway driver in history.
desperate, she pooled all her saving and went to the poker club, hoping to win big.
but with her rotten luck, she lost everything and then some. dejected and hopeless, Lu drowned her sorrows in glass after glass of juice from the bar. of course, she didn't have money to pay for it so she had to make a quick escape from the bar.
the next day, she asked help from the only person who's not mad at her, O.C. Bee's boyfriend, Benjamin. he told her he knew somebody who needed a willing and able body and that this person would pay Lu a lot of money.
Lu agreed to meet this employer but she didn't notice that O.C. Bee followed her boyfriend there. furious at Lu, O.C. Bee kicks her trash can, hoping that Lu would get sick from the toxic fumes.
the next night, her new employer arrived at Lu's house to discuss the details of her employment. her new boss happens to be the mysterious Contessa... everyone in Cyberia knows that the Contessa is rich but has some deep, dark secrets. the Contessa told Lu that the job would be very easy, she doesn't even have to crack the vault like her old job.
suddenly, Lu felt stiff and frozen, mesmerized by the hypnotic eyes of the Contessa.
next thing she knows, the Contessa is biting her neck and she felt oddly cold.
she felt herself being lifted from the ground and transforming into...
... a bat. Lu could now fly as a bat instead of plain walking.
when she landed in her kitchen, she was surprised with the transformation. she was ghostly pale and she grew fangs in her upper teeth. she realized, she had turned into a vampire!
she was so angry, she felt that O.C. Bee and her boyfriend set her up to be bitten by the Contessa. so, the next night, guess who she invited for dinner?and we all know what vampires feast on!

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