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Thursday, November 03, 2005

It's Getting Hot in Here

The last time we checked in, Nadia had moved in with Jan and E.C. and was pregnant with E.C.'s baby. The women seem to have made peace with each other. Here, we see Jan openly talking about E.C.'s indiscretion with Nadia.

E.C. sees this as an opportunity to suggest something a little kinky.

Nadia isn't amused.

The joke's on him, though, as he becomes and elder and quite a bit less attractive to both women.

Nadia really loves Jan's baby, Phoebe, and is anxious for her own little bundle of joy to come along.

E.C. brings a friend home from work for Phoebe's birthday party. Nadia loves a man in a uniform, and quickly asks Ken to move in.

Nadia gives birth to Chandler. Isn't he adorable?

She and Ken decide that it's time to get their own place. Besides, E.C. hasn't been looking too good lately and they suspect he may have bird flu.

Sure enough, E.C. kicks the bucket. Jan is heartbroken. Phoebe has to pee.

Jan and Phoebe spend a lot of time around E.C.'s headstone.

Nadia and Ken, relieved to have moved out before things got really morbid, check out their new home.

They throw a party immediately, inviting a very pregnant Robin and the new girl in town, Liesl. Nadia had no idea that Liesl was such a hottie, so she makes a mental note to keep an eye on Ken.

She decides that they should get married immediately.

A new baby, a new house, a new husband. What could possibly go wrong for Nadia?

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