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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


when last seen, Plain Jane just got rid of her rival by feeding him to her exotic cow plant. after the plant has digested the poor delivery boy, Jane proceeded to milk it and drink its juice, shaving a few days off her age!
Jane, then, got rid of the plant just in time LJ got home. LJ was devastated to learn that the father of her unborn child had met his nasty end.

LJ decided to call the Grim Reaper to beg for her delivery boy's life. yes, you could actually resurrect your dead loved ones in Cyberia... for a price. of course, Jane put her foot down and told LJ that she won't be financing this one!
LJ proceeded anyway and paid the Grim Reaper what money she had. too bad it wasn't enough. in a puff of green smoke, Delivery Boy was back from the dead.
as a Zombie! that's what you get if you don't spend top dollar with the Grim Reaper!
Jane has had it! she broke up with LJ and told her she can keep the house! Jane doubted it if Delivery Boy could maintain LJ's comfortable lifestyle.
and before storming out, Jane attacked Delivery Boy just for good measure!
the next day, LJ and Delivery Boy had a quiet wedding... no one attended as everyone was scared of the zombie... and he reeked like yesterday's garbage.
meanwhile, Jane ran into the arms of Landismom, who was willing to take her in.
and to make it official, Landismom brought out a little black box after dinner, making Jane shriek with excitement.
Landismom proposed and, of course, Jane accepted and immediately moved in with her...
she's already reaping the rewards of being engaged to the business mogul that is Jane. Landismom got promoted the next day!

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