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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Growing Up Funky

Funky Cowboy is growing up, but he's kind of resistant to the whole "learning to talk" thing.

But as you can see... there's something very unusual about Funky Cowboy. Not only does he have the ability to walk through walls, apparantly he can also leap through his mom Cat.

On the eve of his birthday, he makes a wish; "I wish to grow up really fast!"

With a leap and a grin, he turns into a young boy, grabs a piece of birthday cake and wanders inside to eat in peace. This child is not a normal Sim, and mere mortal Sims are no match for his power and intellect.

He shovels his food down quickly...

...and heads upstairs to work on that whole "leaping tall buildings" thing.

Happy Birthday, Funky Cowboy. When you take over the world, please remember this lowly Goddess, who has had absolutely no control over your Sim from Day One.

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