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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

This is What Happens When You Make Your Best Friend a Sim

Scotty is all about fitting into Cyberia and learning the ways of the locals. He quickly learns about Madame Zora and her amazing match-making abilities. He pays her $5000.00 Simoleans to set him on on the perfect date.

She sends ex-Mayor Brando over, and it's love at first sight, for Scotty that is.

Unfortunately for Scotty and the Wormsley Household Account, Madame Zora is a crook! Poor Scotty just learned that lesson the hard way. "Sorry Dude, I'm WAY straight."

Brando storms out of the Wormsley house. As the realization of losing 5 grand sets it, Scotty has a nervous breakdown.

You know when a Sim loses it REALLY BAD, the shrink drops down from the sky to work his mojo..

It doesn't look like his mojo is any better than Madame Zora's match-making abilities.

Later in the day, Kristina sets fire to the kitchen. Poor kid was only trying to make a some mac n' cheese! Her roommates rush to the kitchen. I've never understood why every Sim runs TO the fire, but this is what they do, and the Goddess does not question it.

Fireman Biff saves the day, and a grateful Scotty tips him $100.00 from the Wormsley Household Account. Boy, this guy sure is generous with his roommate's money! But after dropping 5 big ones on a fraud, this seems like a small price to pay for a little attention from a hot fireman.

Scotty tells Fireman Biff all about the gay cruise he was saving up for, and offers to fill him in on all the details over a romantic dinner.

After a quick shower, he hops into the Ghetto-Mobile and cruises Downtown.

He waits and waits and waits for Fireman Biff, but he never shows up for their date. Maybe Scotty should try picking a "finer" fine restaurant to impress his dates. If the staff washes the dishes while you're using the loo, chances are it's NOT a popular establishment.

Shiitty decides to sit her playa' roommate down for a little heart-to-heart about the budget. But the day's events have taken their toll on poor Scotty. Before Shittty can get two words out, Scotty falls face first into his dinner.

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