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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Growing Up A Windrider (With a guest-appearance by Madame Butterfly)

Being a teenager, Windrider is feeling the need to check out the new hot spots in Cyberia. He waits until Madame Buttefly is sleeping, then calls a cab and sneaks out of the house. First he tries his luck at picking up an older woman (who, the Goddess might mention, looks quite a bit like the Goddess herself, and this is no coincidence).

Then he heads over to the poker club to swindle some "old folks" out of their Simoleans.

Things start to take a turn for the worse when Windrider stops by the cemetary to look for a suitable burial plot for his dearly departed Mom Kate. He quickly decides this is not place for his mom to rest in peace.

Hoping to shake off the frightful scare, Windrider heads to the local Karaoke bar, but his night just gets worse when two Sims ladies get into a brawl over who is going to sing the next duet with Cyberia's greatest crooner.

Since the brawl made the Cyberian-Times, Windrider caught a heap of trouble from his other mom, Madame Butterfly. She insists on accompanying him everywhere in order to keep him out of trouble.

The duets prove to be lovely...

...but Madame Butterfly's ability to provide a wholesome evening for her son are not quite as successful. When the record producer mentions that perhaps Windrider should remain a solo artist, M.Butterfly polishes off her tequila shot and starts a brawl of her own.

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