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Sunday, November 13, 2005


eversince Marie got into the secret society, she's been acticng all high and mighty. in fact, she started wearing a tiara and an evening gown around campus.
she would go around the university riding the S.S.'s limo... even to class. but Marie still has a lot to learn about being a snob... one knows that one should never sit beside the limo driver!
old friends were shunned. she would shoo people away when they get too close to her personal space.
she prefers to hang out with her rich, secret society friends whom she usually challenge to poker games, henceforth, relieving them of their trust funds and parents' money.
she found it irksome that there's still schoolwork to be done. it seriously cuts into her poker time. so, Marie decided to hack her grades so she didn't have to attend any more classes or finish her term papers.
but Marie wasn't so skilled with the hacking. she triggered a few alarms and the campus police caught her in the act!
she was fined for the hacking and her computer was confiscated as well.
the college administration was appalled by Marie's action that they decided to expel her... she was immediately evicted from the campus, turning into an adult as a result.
of course, her secret society friends shunned her... being snobs and all. Marie found herself out of money and out of luck. she had to live in the trailer park and couldn't even afford to buy clothes, so she settled for a sailor costume she found inside the trunk of the clunker she bought with her last money.
realizing her mistakes and running out of money, Marie collapsed and proceeded to have her first breakdown. how will Marie get herself out of this situation?!

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