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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Kris Plays Sports, Goopy Plays the Field (Kris & Lu)

Kris and Goopy may be on the verge of some serious marital problems. Ever since the baby was born, Goopy has been a bad boy. He's been calling in sick for work every day (unbenkownst to Kris). Now he's hit up the residence Gypsie for some Love Potion.

Shiitty, however, is not impressed. She thinks he's stinky.

Emaleejayne likes it though! There's something about a man who blooms flowers where he walks that definitely makes her heart go pitter-pat.

The real problem, however, would be the fact that even without the spell, Goopy is scoring babes, alive AND un-dead.

Meanwhile, Kris is doing EVERYTHING! She comes home from a hard day at work and spends all her time taking care of Baby Lu.

The stress is taking it's toll. Kris passes out from exhaustion, right on the sidewalk. Goopy, as you can see, is inside watching tv while the baby cries.

Stinky bottles on the floor, dirty dishes on the table, newspapers and unpaid bills all over the living room...

... well, okay, at least he's paying the bills... WITH KRIS' MONEY!
Kris may be putting up with it for now, but Baby Lu has already had enough of her "dad's" crap.

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