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Saturday, November 12, 2005

It's Not Easy Being Green

Although she's still chasing after her little toddler, Pistachio, Robin has managed to get herself knocked up again. Since Dawn moved out, she and Martin have been woo-hooing like bunnies.

Martin has some great news: He's gotten a new job as a club DJ! Robin is less than thrilled, since she'll be up all night with the new baby while Martin is spinning tunes and picking up chicks.

They invite the very comely Liesl over for lunch. Robin suspects that Liesl has her eye on Martin and vice versa (maybe because they did have a makeout session once)...

...but Liesl is secretly envious of Robin and Martin's happy home. She just wants to find a husband and leaves, worried that she'll never meet anyone as cool as Martin.

In the meantime, Robin's belly is so big she thinks she might be having a whole litter of martians!

Thankfully, Pistachio starts to grow up before the birth.

JUST before the birth...

Meet the newest member of the Anthropol family: Aspara Gus!

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