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Sunday, November 13, 2005

As Cyberia Turns

Like many other Cyberians, Brando is hitting the Night Life, and hitting it hard. He even takes his turn at being a DJ. Check out his tunes and check out his moves!

He runs into his buddy Kitty, and they turn out a few sweet duets.

They decide to goof off in the photo booth and Kitty is cracking up at the photos of her and her silly friend.

Brando asks Kitty if she wants to grab a bite to eat, and the evening turns into a date.

He even lets her steal a bite off his plate. AW!

After dinner they head back to the photobooth.

But not for pictures this time! There was some serious woo-hoo going on in there, just ask Andy Wormsley; he heard the whole thing!

And if the spinning woo-hoo symbols and Andy's eye-witness account weren't enough to convince you, check out the resident morality monitor seen giving Kitty the what-for!

Since she seems intent on following them all over the club, Brando suggests to Kitty that they find somewhere else to hang out.

So they head to the park for a midnight slow-dance.

And a little arse-grabbing too!

As the evening comes to a close, Kitty serenades Brando.

With a passionate kiss goodnight, she bids him pleasant dreams.

But when Brando checks his e-mail, he finds a hate-filled message from his boss. It seems Brando's boss is the son of the Morality Monitor. Hearing of his employees' public indiscretions, he has no choice but to dismiss Brando, effective immediately. Brando calls Kitty in a panic, and she rushes over so quickly she forgets to put on her clothes!

As they sit on his roof top, Kitty asks Brando what he really wants to do with his life. He tells her he's always dreamed of being a writer, but that doesn't pay the bills. Kitty tells Brando she's making so much money now that she can support him while he follows his dreams. She places a call to Cyberia Move-it-now, and arranges for her belongings to be sent over in the morning. But as the morning approaches, Brando has another surprise for Kitty. He proposes!

And in the privacy of their own home, they exchange rings and vows.

*sniff sniff*

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