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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Baby Switchin'

Joe is beginning to notice that his daughter is a little, um, light skinned. He wonders if maybe she just takes after her mother more than her father?

Nicole sits down during the baby's nap to google "financial ruins", and to drop a quick e-mail to Kris. Seems she noticed Goopy out with another woman. Is Nicole boasting, or reaching out to her sister?

Looks like Joe has bigger problems on his hands. He just got his first batch of weekly bills on the massive home, and the total is five-times the cost of most HOMES in Cyberia.

With his sanity quickly going down hill, Joe drops a rancid hotdog in a bowl of macaroni and cheese and proceeds to poison himself.

When Seshat suddenly turns into a toddler, Joe remembers the birth order. Kris gave birth first! He rushes over the Kris and Goopy's place just in time to see Baby Lu celebrating HER big birthday!

He's devestated when he realizes that Goopy and Kris are raising HIS child!

He demands they switch back, but Kris refuses, taking Baby Lu into the house while the boys fight it out.

That's some birthday, huh Lu?

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