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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Kristina Gets a Job!

The Wormsley Household account is almost dry, so Kristina spends all morning on Monster.com looking for a job.
She finally gives up and decides to go shopping. Yes Kristina, that's a great way to help out the household finances.

After spending the rest of the Wormsley Household Budget, she checks the mail so she can hide the bills for a few days.

But there are no bills...just...

...a very smelly piece of hate mail from Brando, warning Scotty to NEVER, EVER call him again.

Kristina furiously dials up the gypsie and demands a refund. The gypsie says, "I can do one better, my dear. In exchange for my matchmaking blunder, how about I set you up with a little job to pay the bills? You see, we heard about the work you did on Andy, and we think a woman of your talent and beauty would be a GREAT addition to our little organization."

This is Kristina striking a pose. She's the new spokesmodel for Cyberia Love Connection dot com.

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