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Monday, November 14, 2005

A Day With the Fleiss Kids

When we last saw the Fleiss Kids, they were getting along famously. One would think The Village Idiot would be in heaven, surrounded by beautiful single women. However, while English and Claire practice their moves for Cyberia's First Annual Jell-O Wrestling Championship, VI chooses to play video games rather than observe. Is he really that oblivious?

Maybe he just really loves video games? Here he is cheering Natty on.

Wait a minute... he's not cheering Natty on! He's peeping on Claire while she takes a shower!

"What is he DOING?" Claire wonders? "Boobies" VI thinks.
It seems that Cyberia's Village Idiot isn't oblivious, he's just lacking in social skills. While English studies for her exam, VI passes a load of gas all over the dining room.

And for as much as he seems to like Claire, he's always in her way. She can't even fix her dinner because VI is busting a move in the kitchen.

Poor English seems to be getting stuck with the brunt of the housework. VI and Natty left a terrible mess in the kitchen.

Frustrated, she turns to Natty to see if she can work her magic and make the housework disappear. Natty is too busy levetating tumblers to help out at the moment.

Living on a college student's budget, English knows she can't afford a housekeeper. So she does what any reasonable kid would do; she turns to Craig's List.

Which is just fine with Natty, because it gives her more time to practice her astral projection.

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