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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Feelin' Shiitty

"Mirror, mirror on the wall... why do I look like a black chick?"

"Because, Shiitty, the Goddess gave you braids."

Shiitty straightens her hair and applies a lighter foundation, then goes to Scotty to see if he digs it. "Gurl, if I were a straight man, I'd totally hit that." And with those words, a friendship ensues.
"Go Shiitty, Go Shiitty, shake your groove thing, shake your booty."
Deciding they are just too sizzlin' hot to dance the night away in their own home, Shiitty and Scotty head out to take in the Night Life.

As soon as they get to the first club, Shiitty b-lines the DJ. "Boy, you wouldn't know good spin if it bit your Cyberian ass. Get outta here and let me show you how it's done!"

No evening downtown would be complete without a goofy picture from the photobooth.

Such good friends they are, that Scotty even lets Shiitty drive home. Well, actually, Scotty is just tired of always being the designated driver.

Later that night, Miss Hottness herself indulges in some intellectual pursuits. She spots a constellation that she's unfamiliar with.

So she runs inside and looks it up. "My GOD! She cries! I've discovered a new constellation!"

She vows to stay up all night to make sure she can be at the Cyberian Astronomy Society first thing in the morning. Cards, anyone?

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