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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Nip/Tuck - Landismom

Plain Jane and Landismom are busy preparing for their upcoming "joined union". they drove around the downtown area to scout for the best wedding dress boutique in Cyberia.
finally, Landismom found this sexy number and found it suitable for the grandest wedding Cyberia has ever seen.
meanwhile, Jane adored this little strapless number and immediately had it custom-fitted for her.
they also went to the poshest restaurant and had some taste-testing, then decided that the lobster would simply delight their wedding guests.
but, eventhough it looks like full steam ahead, Landismom still has some insecurities. for one, she's afraid that Jane still longs for LJ... only if she could see that Jane only dreams of her at night.
so, Landismom decided that she'll do everything to be more attractive than LJ, so she enrols herself in a gym and works out five times a week.
and if that isn't enough, she decided to give herself a little facelift, thinking she oughta looked "refreshed" by the big day.
but something went horribly wrong! the machine went a little overboard and sucked her face instead of lifting! will Landismom be able to reconstruct her face back to normal?!

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