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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Damn You, Goopy!

Kris's day goes something like this: Get up at 4am to feed Lu. Rush off to work because SOMEBODY has to pay the bills. Come home and relieve nanny. Feed Lu. Bathe Lu. Teach Lu to walk. Read to Lu, play with Lu, put Lu to bed. Drop from exhaustion. Rinse. Repeat.

And yes, it's getting to her in the worst way. Goopy just wants to stay up all night, and sleep all day. He hasn't worked (or showered) in months. Kris screams, "If you can't give me some attention, or pay the bills, can you at LEAST get off the phone and help me put Lu to bed?"

But as you can see, Goopy was busy making plans for the evening.

When Lu wakes up in the middle of the night with a stinky diaper issue, Goopy calls the nanny back over so he can continue making out with his girlfriend!

Well... it's a bit more than "making out."

And she's a bit (or should I say "bite") more than a "girlfriend". As morning approaches, she looks deep in Goopy's eyes, casting a spell over him.

And before Goopy realizes what all her hissing has been about, he's more than smitten, he's bitten.

He leaps into the air, taking in his last breaths...

... and lands a vampire!

So why is he NOW so interesting in caring for Lu? Scream, Lu! Scream!!! Your daddy wants to have a snack!

Kris's maternal instincts kick in. She abruptly wakes from her slumber and rushes to the nursery. Goopy tries to play it cool, but Kris knows a cold, dead creep when she sees one.

When the vampiress comes upstairs to get in on the "snacking", Goopy winds up with a good old fashioned Sim Slapdown for bringing that vampy vamp into her home and near their daughter.
"That's IT! Get your lying, cheating, stinking, un-dead ass OUT of my house. It's OVER!"
But it looks as if Kris is going to be just fine. While Goopy moves on down the damned road, Kris picks up a wooden dart and turns her back.

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