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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Oh Boy

Another life-long wish Brando shared with his new wife Kitty, is the desire to keep his promise to Kate and resurrect her in the form of his own child.

Sometimes Sims get sick with the flu. They cough and they whine, and they sleep. The only time a Sim ever does this...
...is when that Sim is preggers. Kitty, ever the adoring wife, agreed immediately to bring Kate back from the grave. Even though Brando cooks and cleans while Kitty rests, this pregnancy is still sapping all the energy from her tiny little body.
As the big day arrives, Brando begins to comtemplate the changes fatherhood will bring.
Namely, he realizes his bachelor pad is no longer adequate for a growing family. Even though he's installed a free-standing toilet, shower, and bed on the main level so his wife doesn't have to maneuver the stairs in her weakened state, Brando realizes that moving to a bigger place may be the best option.
He loves his home, but moving would not only give the Knatt family room to grow, it would also solve the problem of the gardner who won't go away. Ever.
But before Brando has a chance to explore the available homes in Cyberia, Kitty goes into labor.

And gives birth to a... baby boy?
Yikes! Two baby boys!
So not only do Kitty and Brando need to find a new place ASAP (if ONLY to get away from that stalker gardener), but they need to find names/alter egos for their baby boys!

If you're a reader, but not yet a Sim...if you're of the male variety, please let the goddesses know in the comment below that you're interested in moving to Cyberia.

Don't fret, Kate! A promise is a promise!

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