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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Trust Fund Babies Ripped on Caffeine

Jodes and Snav Mauth are settling in well. Today they became best friends. Awww...
Since neither have to get jobs right away, they spent their days playing. Here's a little game Sims call Punch-you, Punch-me.

They play darts in their panties...
...gossip about other Cyberians...
...fight over the bathroom...
... often...
...and drink Espresso.
Lots of espresso.
I mean A LOT of espresso! In fact, the girls have learned that if they drink enough espresso, they don't ever have to sleep.
The maid doesn't really like this game plan, but he's the hired help, so he just picks up cups for hours each day.
Meanwhile, the Trust Fund Babies hop in their new sports car and head out for a night on the town.
They do a little shopping first.
Then they grab a bite to eat at the local diner. Here's Jodes trying NOT to look at Snav's chocolate cake.
As the sun goes down, the girls hit the Nightlife. Jodes immediately kicks the DJ out of the booth and takes over.
She's doing a pretty good job by the looks of the dance floor. Hey, if Shiitty appreciates the tunes, you KNOW it's good.
Snav tries to hit the dance floor, but instead is hit on by this dorky Sim with really bad moves.
Snav is not having any of that! She hoists her glass and drenches him.
Then Jodes has a bit of a mishap at the table.

The girls dash out of the club before the doorman kicks them out, but not before Snav roasts a quick marshmellow for the drive home.

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