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Monday, November 28, 2005

Keeping Natty Happy

Natty cracks up over the concept of 'bills'. She whips up a direct deposit and waves that mortgage goodbye.
Then she heads to the backyard to check out that big house on the hill. She spots poor Nicole grieving over her deceased husband.
But before she can whip up a little magic to help Nicole out of her financial bind, Nicole rushes over and rips into Natty for peeping. Poor Natty finds herself at the receiving end of a woman who is sick and tired of being spied on.
Then Natty gets MAD!
Reailzing that a woman of Natty's considerable power should not be left angry, the rest of the Fliess kids try to cheer her up. English makes lunch, Claire talks about her love of sports, and The Village Idiot busts a move, all for Natty's amusement.
English suggests a game of tennis, but Claire thinks they should take a trip Downtown. "Really, Claire? That would be great! Let me whip up a minivan and some cash."
Then off they go to the Corner Shoppes.
English tries on a swimsuit. Mirror, mirror on the wall...who's the sexiest student of all?
The girls pay for their purchases with Natty's Magic Simoleans.
Back home, Natty tries to think of a special way to thank her roommates for cheering her up.

"English, come quick! Natty conjured up a pool for us!"
Everyone is enjoying the pool...
...particularly the Village not-so-Idiot-afterall!

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