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Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Mystery Continues

The Vixen is horrified to discover that her trash has been kicked over AGAIN. This time it drew cockroaches, and Diane was forced to fumigate before changing out of her panties. The mailman was grateful, but Diane was furious.

Later that night she waits behind the bushes. When her galpal is seen strolling down the street, Diane jumps out from behind the shrubs and stops her with the Vixen Kiss of Death.

She invites her girl inside and tries to pay her to stop kicking over the trashcan.

Then she tries a heartfelt apology.

Finally she lures this madwoman back to the Love Nest and gives her what she really wants.

After the woo-hoo, Diane kisses her and her roach problem goodbye.

Now she can get back to her leisurely life of feeding fish...

...reading a good novel...

... and playing chess with Al.

Or can she? Looks like Vixen might have to spend less time swinging, or MORE time hiding in the bushes.

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