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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Love Connection

Okay... let's back up a bit.

Jodes was taking a leisurely stroll through Cyberia the other day, when she met up with The Village Idiot.
Ever the smooth one, our loveable Village Idiot asks Jodes about her turn-ons. She replies that she likes guys who wear hats, but...

... she'll make an exception this time.

Village Idiot's main turn-on is girls who are turned-on by him, so he's game.

This is Foreplay 101 the Village Idiot way.

He invites Jodes in to meet his roommates, but English doesn't look to thrilled.

So later that night, he heads downtown to Snav and Jodes place and lays it on the line. "I like you, Jodes... I really do."

This is Jodes' Foreplay 101.

Then it's on.

Sure it's a love connection, but is Village Idiot a one-woman idiot?

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