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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Brando and Kitty and the Twins

As you recall, Brando and Kitty were looking at the possibility of acquiring a little more breathing room. With a psychotic stalking gardener, and the twins, Brando's bachelor pad was not exactly home sweet home. Then Brando got work that his ex-wife had run off with a free-lance photographer. Acting quickly, he was able to secure his old home from the bank before it went to auction.

He also decided to take a job. Though he loves writing, he realizes that it's not going to put the boys through college, so he takes a job in the medical field and enrolls in med school.

Kitty is thrilled with Brando's decisions, and they toast to their new life.

Kitty is also thrilled with her maternity leave, and takes a leisurely dip in the pool.

Leisure isn't something they have much off, but Brando decides that if they hire a couple of nannys, they might just make it through this child-rearing in one piece.

Not that he minds parenthood in the least.

The twins are still un-named, so if any readers (male) would like to be Cyberians, please let us know in the comment section.

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