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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Do or Die

Things are getting Creepy at Chez Nicole. Joe has been walking the grounds at night, leaving wet footprints that Nicole and Seshat have to mop up the next day.

On top of that, the housekeeper is more interested in flirting with Nicole and eating her food than actually doing any cleaning.

With the bills mounting, Nicole has no choice but to fire the housekeeper and get a job. With her brief military background, she's able to secure a job as a security guard.

Seshat takes it pretty well, especially when Nicole promises this is their last meal of hotdogs.

But even as a security guard, Nicole can't guarantee she can keep her family safe. Late at night, tragedy strikes again.

Luckily, Joe had a security alarm installed before he died, and the police show up to apprehend the would-be burgler. Seshat wakes and runs to the kitchen to watch the battle.

The thief is captured, but Seshat loses just enough sleep to miss the schoolbus.

The social worker pays a visit to Nicole and chastises her for being an irresponsible parent. It's more than Nicole can take, and she breaks down while cleaning one of seven bathrooms.

And that was just enough to make her decide it's time to give up the mansion. She e-mails her boss and suggests he let her move into one of the model homes she's in charge of guarding.

She and Seshat pack up and move into the Christmas House.

It's only temporary, until after the holidays, but this move to more cheerful surroundings seems to be just what the doctor ordered for both Nicole and Seshat.

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