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Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Truth Comes Out -- not all of it, though.

It's amazing that Kris hasn't noticed the lack of family resemblence, let alone Lu's decidely ethnic hairstyle.

Lu comes home from her first day of school with a ton of homework. Isn't that just like a public school?

Kris spends hours with Lu trying to help her get it all done.

At dinner the girls have a heart to heart. "Mommy, is daddy a vampire?"

Kris assures Lu that even though her daddy is a walking dead beat, she's more than enough parent for them both. They try a game of darts to cheer Lu up, but Kris decides a more drastic measure is in order.

She tries to take Lu bowling, but after a day like this, all Lu wants is to sleep.

So they wait for their cab...

... and even though they make it home, Lu just doesn't have the energy to make it in the house.

Once carried to bed by Kris, she dreams of her dad.

Kris thinks of Goopy too, but not in such loveable ways.

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