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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve in Cyberia, Part One

What some of our favorite Cyberians are up to this Christmas Eve...

Deni, Dawn and Martin cutting a rug in front of the tree. Deni's daughter Vyn has gone off to college.

Karan has clearly hit the egg nog once too many times as she talks to Micah about recycling through a teddy bear. Their daughters, Wonkette and Jane, have left for school as well.

Michele, a General in her own right, plays with pajama'd hubby Mister. They have been heartbroken since Sigmund left for University along with the other teenaged Cyberian kids.

Heidi marvels at what a great dad Charlie is to little adopted Kennedy. The girls, Ethel and Lucy, are off at school.

Since Apple left for college, P.G. and Julie are adjusting to a life of sharing Kevin.

Kevin is thinking he's having the best Christmas ever, especially since a handsome bisexual neighbor is getting himself good and drunk for the festivities that are bound to occur later this evening...

Robin and Martin are enjoying their own Christmas tree with little Pistachio (reading Harry Potter) and baby Aspara Gus. Next to St. Patrick's Day, this is their favorite holiday!

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