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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Higher Learning

everyone envies Diana. she seems to have it all. after realizing that living with four frat brothers weren't all that, she decided to get a job as a housesitter for one of her professors.
since then, she's been seen driving around campus with a pimped-out ride.

she throws the coolest party... only the popular kids attend it and wannabes always crash it.

she always wear the latest fashion and her formal wear is always made by a well-known designer.

plus, she currently goes out with the hottest sophomore in the university.

yes, it seems that Diana has it all. great pad, great clothes, great car and a great boyfriend. but everyone was surprised to learn that Diana got into the Dean's List. you see, she never attended any of her classes and she participated more on the social side of college rather than the academic.

Diana tells her friends that she passed because she gets private tutoring from one of her professors.

very private lessons... if you know what i mean...

now, isn't she the shrewd one?

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