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Monday, January 16, 2006

La Fiesta Tech

Many of our Cyberians' kids have grown up and gone off to college, specifically to La Fiesta Tech.

Lucy M. Kringle, who is currently undergoing invitro fertilization, unofficially adopted a stranger named Ivy who dropped by the house one afternoon. Ivy applied for and received an Orphan's Fund Scholarship and went off to school. As Lucy deposits her at the dorm, she can't help but remind Ivy that as much as she loves her, she really does want a baby.

Lucy hangs around with Ivy's dormmates for a bit, but really should have changed out of her paramedics uniform first.

Ivy checks out the local cafe and runs into Apple, the underachieving daughter of P.G. and Kevin.

Lucy emails Sage to let him know that Ivy is settling in just fine, and that she'll be home in time for her next treatment.

Over at Dorm Building 8, where several other blogger's kids live, Apple, Sigmund Wonderful (son of Michele and Mister) and Vyn Bloginski (adopted daughter of Deni) are smoking something out of a magical looking bong...

See? They're all getting high.

And getting naked.

Thankfully the school psychiatrist is available when Apple suffers from a paranoid episode.

Vyn has somehow obtained a counterfeiting machine and is "making money" for the dorm.

Michele stops by for a visit, and is thankful for the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy when it comes to illegal behavior in college dormitories. She's just glad Sigmund is doing his homework.

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